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About Irede

Vision is like a journey which only the visionary embarks upon and reaches the destination successfully. The vision of Irede Prayer Programme came on board when Pastor Michael A. Oke was transferred to Bolade Assembly in the year 2011.
He got the vision when he was serving at Ilaro in Ogun State. The Lord told him to establish a Prayer Programme. And the Lord told him that he should set up the programme at the Area headquarters. Though, Pastor M.A. Oke could not actualize the vision before he was transferred from Ilaro.

Fortunately, he was posted to Bolade Oshodi as Assembly Pastor at The Apostolic Church Oshodi Area Headquarters. This assured him that, the actual birth place of the vision is Bolade Oshodi. Later on, he made the vision known to the then area Superintendent, in person of Pastor E.O. Omisanya (now of blessed memory). And the vision was also tabled before the assembly church Presbytery, after much delibration, it was certified.

The programme started with few attendees, but as God would have it , the Lord has brought the programme into international standard.

How does the programme bear the name “Irede”? When the programme started, there was no particular name given to her. We were praying that God Himself should give the name that the programme should bear.

One day, during the devotional service in Bolade Assembly, there was a prophectical message, and God was encouraging the members not to take the programme with levity. When the Superintendent (late Pastor E.O. Omisanya) was expositing further on the prophecy, he told the members that they should make use of this opportunity because it is very rare to have such. While talking, he said it emphatically that “GOODNESS HAS COME.” He was repeating the same statement contiouslly. After the exposition, Pastor M.A. Oke took the microphone and called the attention of the members to the actual statement which the superintendent was stressing(GOODNESS HAS COME). Then, Pastor M.A. Oke said that henceforth, the programme be called “Irede” which means goodness has come (Genesis 30:11)


The need to reach both the saved and the unsaved globally with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through modern technology is our utmost goal.


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